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Give yourself room to breathe

breathing room: a space, a place, where all things are possible. Alignment, Attunement, Realization, Peace, Love, Healing, Deliverance, Arrival, Clarity, Joy, Meaning, Purpose. It is a space that one can tap into to discover and vision. It allows ones small still voice that connects us to the virtue of our lives, their goodness and truth. It is the healing source.

I created breathing room to allow and bring forward a physical manifestation of this possibility! To use the physical body as a vehicle to transform and open the doors within people to reconnect to the beauty and truth of who they are. To create breathing room within a persons' heart to hear the small still voice of their divine spirit and wake them up. To rid them of the lies and confusion that often keeps people small and afraid. breathing room allows a person to shine and live bright and to be empowered to move through the doors that lead each individual to a space or place where all dreams and possibilities can come true.

breathing room is a living breathing entity that one enters and is deeply touched by.
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